Our Customers



See the difference in your next direct mail, marketing, or commercial printing project. Here are just a few of the types of customers who benefit from our direct mail and printing services:

  • Busy service providers and contractors who want to reduce mailing costs while reaching more customers on a regular basis without tying up busy staff.
  • Public and private schools who want to save time preparing regular mailings without having to own capacity and expensive printing equipment.
  • Marketing departments who want a hands off approach to high volume mailings and follow up campaigns, while still maintaining control of creative’s.
  • Hospitals and medical centers who don’t want to manage the expense of extra equipment or space dedicated to printing and mailing, but who still want the security of a private publishing department.
  • Industrial and commercial companies who want to quickly distribute print catalogs, marketing materials, and sales literature printing only what they need.
  • Small and Medium sized businesses who more easily want to put out customer newsletter, direct marketing campaigns, and other print materials without owning the infrastructure.
  • Direct marketers and marketing agencies who have high volume mailing to print, sort, stuff, and label without adding additional people around campaign time or purchase expensive collation machines.
  • Business owners and entrepreneurs tired of the retail print shops who can’t support complex jobs, volume printing, and mail services you need to effectively run your business.
  • Sales and marketing managers who want profitable leads from fresh lists hand selected for their specific purpose, and the ability to follow up with direct mail without distracting sales people.
  • Doctors, dentists, and doctors of chiropractic who want professional color printing, newsletters, and patient materials without the hassle of managing in-house resources.
  • Non-profit organizations and charities who want to eliminate troubles associated with producing regular newsletters and fund raising materials vital to their mission.

If you are currently sending regular mailings, newsletters, have a fulfillment department, or more than one copier, then you’re the type of organization who can save money doing business with Communique Direct Mail Marketing and Printing. Contact us today to find out how you can save money in areas of marketing, mailing, and commercial printing.

You too can benefit from powerful direct mail services, commercial printing, and the marketing strategies we provide to clients all across Hampton Roads, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, and across the United States. Just a phone call away, your order can be processed and proofed by fax or email as many of our busy clients prefer.

You’ll even discover that our best clients get extra attention that helps them reduce their overall mailing and printing costs in ways that help them get more business, more effectively mail, and reduce overall waste. With quarterly service checks, Communique Direct Mail Marketing and Printing will help you keep your marketing campaigns profitable.