Our Story

  • 1980

    We Have The Experience

    Since 1980, Communique Direct Mail Marketing and Printing has the experience to help you target in on the customers you want, reduce printing costs, reduce mailing costs, and increase your overall productivity.

When you choose us you get the speed, clarity, and security of more than three decades of experience with direct mail marketing and commercial printing. Licensed and insured to operate under the same rules of the United States Postal Service, providing you support for all classes of mail and print related marketing materials.

As members of this community, you get staff members who really care about the results you create with your marketing efforts. This means jobs are turned around quickly, you are assigned an account representative that takes the time to get to know your needs, and our internal quality assurance checks make sure your job is right the first time.

Even if you are one of our out of state clients, you get treated just like a neighbor. Serving Hampton Roads, Virginia, North Carolina, and across the United States. Because repeat business and referrals have been the mainstay of our growth, you can work with us from where you are and get service better than your own print shop.

You benefit from our years of interaction and direct personal relationships with several postal distribution centers. This means your mail is prepare correctly for best results, delivered to the post office with daily delivery’s to local station. From business mailing list rental, to printing and mail services, each of your projects is put together with care and accuracy.

Security and privacy is important to us, you get a level of operations much better than your local post office, yet under the same strict security monitoring. With an annual volume of more than 20,000,000 pieces (and growing) large volume mailings are commonplace for us.